MSS 200 Course eBook

The MSS 200 Course eBook was developed as part of the Military and Strategic Studies 200 courses. Using the Unity game engine, the app was created to provide students with an interactive and engaging learning experience, accessible both on PC and iPad. The e-book consisted of over 700 pages for just Block I, with four more apps to follow.

The app featured a horizontally transitioning page system, with various quizzes including multiple-choice, true/false, and image drag-and-drop matching. Some pages also included interactive elements, such as dialog popups for each button or area on the image.

The development team aimed to create a framework for future e-books, leading the sole engineer to design the system as modular and reusable. The tech editors provided the data saved in an XML format, which was then read by Unity, serialized into class data, and automatically populated thousands of UI pages using TextMesh Pro. The pages and data were grouped into chapters and quizzes, creating a dynamic table of contents that allowed users to instantly jump to specific pages or chapters.

One of the biggest challenges faced during the development of the MSS 200 Course eBook was a bug that produced no error in the console or Player.log file. Some text was being cut off on several pages, appearing as incomplete sentences in the build, but appearing fine within Unity. The issue was found to be hidden ASCII characters in the XML data saved from Excel. The solution was to either sanitize the XML or sanitize the string during runtime in C#.